Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love Across the Battle Lines Interactive Digital Story : PREMIERE!

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The Love Across the Battle Lines Interactive Digital Story is finally ALMOST complete. I still have some editing to do but it is just about ready. Tomorrow (May 13th) my Digital Storytelling class will host an exhibition of the best of the stories we have been working on all semester. The exhibition will take place in the Rockefeller Library's new Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab. The interactive story below will be included along with two of my other projects. It was created using a online storytelling platform called Zeega. Zeega allows users to make interactive and nonlinear stories using images from Flikr, Youtube videos and sound files from Soundcloud.comAs I work on the final edits I would love to hear feedback. Do the links work? Was it relatively easy to navigate? Did the sound work? Critique me please! I want to make sure I fix all the glitches before the exhibition tomorrow afternoon. IF you want to wait to play with the story once it is complete then book mark my post and please return tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for your interest in my work!!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Interactive Family Time Line Experiment

This past Monday my Digital Storytelling classmates and I presented our final projects to each other. My interactive Love Across Battle Lines is not complete just yet so I presented what I had so far. One of my classmates created an interactive timeline about Browntown which was affordable low cost housing for army veterans who had been accepted to Brown University back in the late 40's-50's. It was a very interesting piece. So, I was inspired to lose a few hours of sleep last night playing with the timeline platform he used. It is called Timeline Verite. Unfortunately it is still finals and I still have two projects to finish before May 13th so I wasn't able to create as comprehensive a timeline as I wanted, but making this timeline was fun and easier than expected. I plan to come back to this project after the 13th and add photos, audio and video clips and maybe change the background color.

Feel free to play with what I have done so far. It is a timeline that covers American history and my family history but it mainly highlights events related to slavery and Georgia history.