Friday, September 6, 2013

The Summer is Over!

Sadly, the summer is over and I have returned to Rhode Island and my last year of graduate school.
African Burial Ground in New York. I happened upon
it while walking back from the Trayvonn Martin Rally.

Well, I suppose I should say happily I have returned for my last year of graduate school.

When I Actually Make a Account
And See All My Matches
I am working hard to take that desperate need to start working, find a place to live a more permanent life and settle down into a nice box, duck tape it closed and shove it in my closet. It is for my own good.

It is time to prepare for that life but it is not time for it to be just yet. First I have to use my next two semesters to make sure I have the skills knowledge and connections that will ensure that I have job offers before graduation.

So, I have picked some new classes.
-Gravestones and Burying Grounds- Sounds like high excitement doesn't it? But it'll look good on my genealogy resume
- Shrine, House or Home: Rethinking the Historic House Museum - Confederate Daughters will love this when I shock them by not only applying to become a member but also find a job where I force them to reinterpret the many historic houses they run throughout the south
- Independent Project - I will talk more about this soon
- Practicum - Hmm still not sure where I want to do this. Work with an exhibition designer, the New England Genealogical and Historical Society or Ark Media again. Still thinking.

Oooh time to be very Rhode Islandy and run off to a boat party with the rest of the Public Humans.

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